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Tough Story

Tough Story is a handcrafted game series based on action movies from 60s until nowadays.

Every volume brings a whole new theme, with exclusive story, characters and original soundtrack as if it were a movie itself. New game mechanics are added to follow the main theme of the current volume, but the core will always have focus on action.

I grew up watching so much amazing action movies and Tough Story is my attempt to bring some badass experiences to you, based on work of all these great actors and directors who have pumped up adrenaline to the screens!

Volume I - Big Hell

On this first volume we bring a game inspired by western movies. In special: the classical Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy, 70s Clint Eastwood's westerns (as director and actor), the award-winner Unforgiven, also directed and starred by Clint Eastwood and Django Unchained, the epic Tarantino's masterpiece.


It's 1872. Somewhere between Reno and San Francisco there's a town called Big Hill.

City's boss sons, The Kinney Brothers, decide to buy your lands in order to explore your gold mine. When you refuse their offer, they hire a gang of desperados to take you out of the way.

El Lobo, desperado gang leader, kills your wife, your son and lets you wander to die in the desert with six bullets in your stomach.

A gipsy circus caravan crosses your way. They find you almost dead, walking back to Big Hill. An old gipsy heals you in a very obscure ritual and he takes you to the east where you recover your health and plan your revenge.

Four years later, you arrive on Big Hill city looking for retribution and threatening the local bosses business. Side by side, Kinney brothers and El Lobo raise an empire of dirt. Your crusade for vengeance will turn the city in a true hell until you make your job done.


You're able to shot down your enemies with your handguns: a shiny revolver S&W model 3 Schofield and a 10 gauge shotgun. You can also blow enemies to hell and destroy walls, doors and other obstacles with dynamite. You can shot the dynamite to explode it before the explosion time. Besides that, you have the special ability to slowdown the time and make nice combos or cinematographic moves when you fill the badass-o-meter.

You're free to use your own tactics to pass each level. You can break and you can shot through windows, kick locked doors to open it, get cover into buildings and close doors to protect yourself. But remember: the enemies can do all this things, too!

If you shot an enemy on an arm, he'll lose his weapon. The same rule fits for you, so take care!

We'll have some nice achievements for better score levels!


  • WASD - move;
  • Mouse - aim;
  • Left mouse button - shot revolver;
  • Right mouse button - shot shotgun;
  • Q - throw dynamite;
  • R - hold to reload guns;
  • E - deadeye, when badass-o-meter runs full;
  • Space - hold body and shotgun rotation, free to aim with revolver;
  • Escape - pause game and open menu options;

Original Soundtrack

Music is very important to the game experience as well in the movies. So, as example of various sucesfull partnerships between movie directors and music composers, like Leone with Morricone, Coppola with Rota and Lynch with Badalamenti, we have a musician working to turn air into gasoline while you play this game.

All tracks of Big Hell are fully original compositions, inspired by Ennio Morricone's Works but adding a heavier tone, dramatic beats and badass riffs to create an updated and awesome experience in game.

You can check the OST on the playlist below:

Early Access

We'are launching this game on early access model as a way to found supporters to finish the development. This project is a dream that I have since I was a kid, so I'll finish it anyway, but with your help, we can develop faster and finish it sooner and better. Besides that, we live in Brazil. Our country is facing an economical and moral crisis. I don't have a fixed job and I have a wife and four dogs to feed! So, any tip will be appreciated and your support can allow us to work hard on this game series.

As a way to retribute some early access supporters, we have some exclusive contents available on this period, please check them below. If you buy it on early access you'll have also free access to all game updates after that.

The first chapter is fully playable on this current version (v. 0.3.0) and have more to come!

You can try the free demo here


Outlaw is our team's brand. We're formed by:

The musician Douglas Brantes, who is composing and playing awesome music.

The game designer Felipe Nanni, who is making code and amazing little pieces of art to spread our words.

The "bit artisan" William Schütz, who is handling game design, art and programming.

Feel free to follow or contact us through direct messages on twitter or in the community bellow.


v. 0.2.0 03/23/2017

  • Added tutorial;
  • Improved controls, physics and IA;
  • Barrels now explode if hit by one shot;
  • Boxes now only explode if hit by explosion;
  • Locked doors now open on first try;
  • Transitions are now skippable by pressing escape;
  • Combo system;
  • Extended slow motion

v. 0.3.0 05/31/2017

  • Improved artwork;
  • Balanced weapon power and range;
  • Improved design;

Upcoming Features

  • Improved animations;
  • History cutscenes;
  • New original tracks;
  • New chapters;
  • New IA behaviours;
  • Level rank;
  • More adrenaline!


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Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Your name in main credits

This reward will be available only on early access period. When you buy it, we'll need a suggested name to use in credits (can be your own name or a fictional name, but nothing obscene)..

You'll receive an email with further instructions.

Non-player character (NPC) inspired on you

This reward will be available only on early access period. When you buy it, we'll need a picture of you and a suggested name to use in credits (can be your own name or a fictional name, but nothing obscene).

We'll create several NPCs that will be played by ficticional actors. One of these will have the name that you've suggested and a 64 x 64 pixel art portrait will be made based on your picture.

You'll receive an email with further instructions.

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